Hauting times at Haig Pit.


Here at E2D we sent photographer Robert Haile along to join Cumbrian Active Paranormal Society (C.A.P.S.) for a night of ghost hunting at Haig Haig Colliery Mining Museum.

IT was C.A.P.S.’ first time at Haig, but not my first time on a ghost tour yet turning up at Haig, I wasn’t sure what to expect.

I have never been on anything quite like this. I’d been on ghost tours where they point out supposedly haunted buildings and I have watched ghost-hunting programmes but they usually come out as having faked elements to them so I was quite nervous and excited.

The group gathered in the Pit Top Café where Indra, the event manager, gave a brief history of the mine and areas we would be investigating, and introduced the C.A.P.S. team and equipment we would be using. After the health and safety dos and don’ts, we were split into three groups with two members of the C.A.P.S. team.

The investigation was split into three areas where we would spend an hour investigating. The new building that contains the Pit Top Café and outside between the building, the lower floor of the museum and ventilation room, the upper floor and engine 4 and below.

Armed with a temperature gun, Electro-Magnetic Field (EMF) reader and the Ovilus we headed to our first site. The lower floor of the museum. Before setting off, the group had to have a protective charm or spell placed on them.
Upon reaching the area with the lights on we had a look around as there is a manikin of Sal Madge and one of a small boy with a pit pony along with a couple of faces on the displays. Once these were noted the lights went out and the equipment went on. The Ovilus started shouting out words immediately but this didn’t mean we had a ghost with us.

There is a black bar on the screen and the fuller it is the more likely it is has been manipulated. While we stood, a member of the group would call out just like on TV, “Is there anyone here?” The Ovilus replied with Tom and a three quarter bar. Members of the group started to feel like they were being watched. Then fifteen came out with a strong bar. We stood for a bit before moving into the ventilation room which is off limits to the public and we had to keep to a path while in there. The group still felt like they were being watched but from two different places. One person felt like they couldn’t swallow and others felt a cold spot. With the end of our hour approaching we moved back into the public area of the museum. This is when I had a strange experience.

Standing in the middle of the corridor with Sal Madge behind me and the rest of the group in front. There was no breeze. I felt an icy cold patch on the back of my left knee, like an ice cube had been place on it. It stayed for a while then went. Was this a breeze or a ghost?

After a break we resumed outside. We had swapped the Ovilus for the Spirit Box. This piece of equipment scans the gaps between radio stations. It does four frequencies a second. While outside the group picked nothing up. Inside things were quiet. Until we went into the exhibit room. Some members of the group were sat near the door when one of the group jumped up saying they had been touched on their head. After the members of C.A.P.S. had a look there was nothing on the floor. Did they have a ghostly encounter?

With the hour at an end, the other groups came in and everyone had something to eat. We then headed out to our final destination, the upper museum, Engine Room 4 and below. The group didn’t hear anything but felt as if someone was watching them from the end of a corridor when under the engine.
As the event drew to a close the protective charm was taken off; everyone went home happy. While it had been a quiet night for the members of the public who had joined to team, the C.A.P.S. team were reassuring saying it had taken a few investigations for them to pick anything up and that some still don’t. During the investigations they had picked things up and asked the group if they did to, trying to get people talking.

This is one of many investigations conducted by Cumbrian Active Paranormal Society as they’ve completed various visits to known local haunts such as Howgate, Whitehaven and Kirklington Hall.

They’re set to go further afield to Lancaster this month and everyone is welcome to join the team. It’s definitely an experience that you should go into with an open mind – but one thing’s for sure we’ll be going again.