A Cumbrian’s Last Request

a poem by Tom Higgins

Just once more,
let me see that Cumberland shore,
with the backdrop of mountains high,
and before me floating
above the mist on the Irish sea
the Viking Isle with her twin peaks
piercing a cloudless sky.
It's not much to ask before I go,
to see for one last time
her natural beauty
that I came to know
and feel her rythms,
and hear her rhymes.
Let me breathe deeply this land,
of my ancestors birth
the secret green jewel
of our Mother Earth.
The starkness of her grey battlements
the lush valleys of emerald green
with her sparkling set of diamonds
scattered in between.
This is the last desire
I need to fulfil to set me free,
so if you, like me were born here
please try to do this
in memory of me.

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