Balloon release in Danica’s memory as charity raises £150,000

By Rachael Grealish

BALLOONS were released in memory of Danica Maxwell on the same day the teen’s charity reached its £150,000 mark.

Balloons ‘heading to heaven’ for Danica Maxwell – photo by Robert Haile

Christmas came early for the Danica’s Dream Fund  (DDF) charity as a £125 donation took them over their £150,000 goal, on the 6th anniversary of the teenager’s death, on December 22.

Each year, since Danica’s passing in 2010, her family and members of the community come together on the anniversary to release purple balloons in her memory at Egremont Rugby League Ground.

This year John and Alison Maxwell, Danica’s parents, were presented with a cheque by Mark Andrews, a DDF trustee, for £125 from CN Events – raised by bucket collection at the Community Hero Awards 2016.

John Maxwell said: “‘I’m really thrilled to reach the target and on the 22nd made they day extra special – I just want to say thank you to everyone who has donated to the charity and thank you to those who’s also doing stuff next year.”

Before the balloon release Danica’s former teacher and Orgill Primary School assistant headteacher, Janet Wadsworth, said a few words about Danica.

She said: “It is amazing to see so many people, once again, not only is it a tribute to Danica, but to her family too – they are like magnets, people are attracted to their fun and caring personalities. This is so well illustrated in the tireless charity work they do and the phenomenal amount of money they have raised in their beautiful daughter’s memory.”

Mrs Wadsworth went on to comment on the challenges the family had faced this year, even recently, as their little Dachshund, Bruno, who was Danica’s dog, passed away in the day’s leading up to the anniversary of Danica’s passing.

Danica Maxwell passed away on December 22 2010 from cancer – the DDF charity was set up, at her request, to help the families of other young people suffering from cancer.

John Maxwell said: “If anyone wants to raise for money her charity can do so by leaving a message or if they just want to donate to make the charity even bigger can do so online and they’ll be helping children effected by cancer.”

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