Beat the new school nerves

AT Egremont 2Day we know we have some amazing secondary schools in the area – but we also know how scary and nerve-wracking it can be for a new-starter.

So we asked West Lakes Academy student SOPHIE COOPER to give us some tips and advice for any new starters, as she goes from year seven to year eight this month.

Something that was a big issue for me, was starting secondary school.

I was very scared about this in particular because of bullying, homework, getting lost, not making friends – basically everything that I heard about.

But I’m telling you now, all those rumours? Fake.

Secondary school is nothing like what people say.

It is one of the most amazing experiences I’m currently having and it’s even more amazing that I can share that with all if you reading this.

Trust me now, year seven is one of the best years ever.

I’ve put together three tips or pieces of advice that should, hopefully, help people just like me.

These are for people who are worried about starting and just need that little confidence boost.


Bullying is one of the most predicted problems in secondary school – we all worry about – but as you will find out, the older years just tend to mind their own business, and from year nine and down, they aren’t even that bad. People just stick to their year groups in secondary and that way it’s ok for everyone.

Tip: If bullying does happen to you, even though it is very rare, then you should tell someone you trust straight away. But who? Your mum? Dad? Teacher? Even your friend. You can tell anyone. It’s hard at first but the sooner it’s out the better.

Getting lost:

Getting lost is also something that you hear of and are scared about – but think back to taster day, just like then there will be people all around school that guide and help you. And after the first week, you just get used to it. The only reason I was scared at first is because compared to primary, it is giant. Although primary was small so if you think about it, it isn’t actually that bad. After you have been in the building it’s all just familiar to you.

Tip: Don’t be scared to ask someone for directions – you might make a new friend.

Homework, homework, homework:

Finally, homework. Homework was apparently bad in primary. Wait till you come to secondary! – I’m joking, of course. Homework isn’t actually that bad compared to how many lessons you have. You have six lessons a day and sometimes you don’t even get six pieces of homework a week. The most I’ve ever had a week is five. See, if you put it into perspective there’s nothing to worry about.

Tip: Try and get it done straight away and the weekends are yours.

So there you go. I hope this has made you change your mind about your impressions of secondary school.

I love it and I’m sure you will too.