Becoming a Northern Warrior – with Cross Fit

Ailsa Cowen keeps her new year’s resolution and tells us the benefits of becoming a Northern Warrior of Cross Fit.

What is Cross Fit? Cross Fit is a fitness regimen developed by the workout king, Greg Glassman.

Join friends and supportive colleagues with a fitness regime that offers physical and psychological help.

Join friends and supportive colleagues with a fitness regime that offers physical and psychological help.

Over the course of several years he has created a programme specifically designed to increase fitness and health. For most people the idea of sit-ups, paused air-squats and rowing 1200m brings butterflies.

But in January I decided to do my fundamental training at Northern Warrior Cross Fit and it has been fantastic so far, as I can honestly say I have never felt fitter.

After doing the odd boot camp, which resemble your more traditional circuit training, at the end of last year, I started wanting to train more, as I could truly feel my physical fitness improving.

To take part in the Workout of the Day (WOD) you need to complete your fundamentals, which is where you learn all the different lifting techniques for weights and other exercises.

Lifting a weight is a lot more complex than what you might think, as lifting a weight incorrectly can lead to injury.

After learning the basics by using a PVC pipe with detailed, thorough coaching from the energetic, friendly instructors I felt confident and ready to take part in the WODs.

I now attend Cross Fit twice a week to do the WOD which only gets announced that morning (So you don’t have much time to chicken out).

The WOD usually entails an elementary skill which the instructors will take you through set by set.

They’ll spend time making sure you know how to properly perform the skill which you will then use within the workout.

For example, last Friday we spent time with instructor Tom seeing what weight we felt comfortable lifting, working on our technique and our reps.

The workouts are totally different every day.

All Cross Fit workouts are based on practical movements, and these movements mirror the key characteristics of gymnastics, weightlifting, running, rowing and a variety of other components.

By employing a continuously diverse approach to training, functional movements and intensity can lead to dramatic gains in fitness, without you having to do a crazy no bread or juice diet.

I can honestly say I have never felt more fit and healthy.

The workouts seem startling at first but once you’re shown how to complete the movements and techniques you’re away.

The instructors make sure you’re able to push yourself and give endless encouragement.

Carl Rudd, a cross fit instructor and the owner of the Northern Warrior gym, said: “Training in a group environment with highly qualified coaches pushing you every step of the way allows you to achieve things you never thought would be possible.

“The life changes are not only physical but physiological, Cross Fit makes you adaptable and gives you a more positive outlook on life.”

You may be thinking I could just go to the gym? But where else are you shown how to correctly do a dead-lift or handstand push-ups? I cannot sing the instructor’s praises enough.

There is a definite communal feel to working out with other people, who you quickly develop friendships with.

You may have seen videos of American Cross Fit, where they high five each other and make Cross Fit look rather cheesy, but at Northern Warrior it’s not like that – there may be the occasional high five but there’s nothing like a bit of encouragement.

Whether you’re a footballer looking for some extra fitness, like myself, an ex-rugby player, who wants to gain a bit of muscle back, or even just looking for a lovely group of people to work out with Northern Warrior is the place to be.

If you’re looking to attend, classes run regularly seven days a week with boot camps on Thursday evenings at 7pm and Sunday mornings at 10am, weightlifting on Fridays at 5pm and WODs running regularly.

Northern Warrior – Cross Fit CA22 have a Facebook page you can contact for more details, or call 01946 820999.