Bridge espied


The inspection work underway

FOLLOWING the Cockermouth Floods in 2009, the bridge over the River Ehen in Egremont was given an inspection before it was re-opened to traffic.

On that the occasion the personnel making the inspection under the bridge arch accessed the area from above using a specialised vehicle.

The large vehicle restricted access over the bridge and it was only possible to inspect half of one arch before the vehicle needed to be repositioned. Repositioning the working platform probably took more time than the actual inspection of the stonework.

The work took about half a day. Had the bridge been open to traffic, there would have been disruption to the traffic flow whilst the work was being carried out. As it was, the bridge was re-opened once the results of the survey had been studied.

At the beginning of November 2015, the next inspection of the bridge was due. This time access to the underside of the bridge arch was achieved by use of a scaffolding platform mounted on a pontoon floating in the river.

The work fortunately meant no disruption to traffic

The work fortunately meant no disruption to traffic

Assembling the pontoon and scaffolding was a fairly quick procedure and by using ropes it was easy to move the structure into position under the arches. In next to no time (about two hours), the inspection was done and the contractors were ready to move on to their next job.

The work was carried out without drivers passing over the bridge being aware that anything was going on underneath them!