Bringing Communities Together – an Egremont 2Day campaign

The launch of the Bringing Communities Together campaign is in support of the partnership between Home Group and Cumbria Constabulary. As they strive to tackle anti-social behaviour in the community, we strive to promote positive relationships between these organisations and Copeland residents.

SINCE the report on anti-social behaviour, in Frizington, in the Egremont 2Day’s September issue, Egremont 2Day are working in partnership with Home Group and Cumbria Constabulary to help tackle anti-social behaviour in the area.

The Egremont 2Day’s Bringing Communities Together Campaign strives to promote the building of positive relationships between the people living in the community, Cumbria Police and Home Group.

By each working together we can all do our bit to tackle the issues facing the residents of the community.

Focusing on the issues raised in Frizington, recently, Police in Frizington have been working closely with, Home Group, to tackle anti-social behaviour following issues raised within the town.

The initiative is aiming to prevent any similar incidents and dealing with those identified as responsible.

It was planned following concerns raised by local residents who continue to experience anti-social behaviour in and around Main Street, Moor Place and Kilbride Place and their adjacent streets.

Police and Home Group walk-about’s are planned to make the community feel safer.

Anti-social behaviour is any activity that affects other people in a negative way. Selfish and unacceptable behaviour can blight people’s quality of community life and the police and Home Group are committed to tackling it.

Both organisations take anti-social behaviour very seriously because it can have such a terrible impact on people’s daily lives.

Cumbria Constabulary Problem Solver Sergeant Macdonald said: “We take various measures to deal with anti-social behaviour, from imposing fines and making arrests to confiscating vehicles and working alongside other agencies to tackle so-called ‘problem families’.

“The measures we take differ but the solution we look for is the same – to stop the behaviour and enhance the quality of life in our neighbourhoods. Anti-social behaviour does mean different things to different people and many of the complaints made to the police are often not cases of antisocial behaviour.

“We are committed to tackling anti-social behaviour firmly and fairly. We will take timely, effective and consistent action to tackle all forms of antisocial behaviour at the earliest possible opportunity.

“When doing so we will ensure that our response is reasonable and proportionate in terms of the scale and seriousness of the problem.”

Before partnering up with Cumbria Constabulary, Home Group were first made aware of anti-social behaviour in the Frizington area in June – however when some complaints were made, they were done so anonymously, which caused issues when Home Group were following up the complaints.

James Varrah, Home Group Performance Leader, said: “In early June Home Group became aware of incidents of Anti-Social Behaviour.

“A very small number of complaints had been made to Home Group prior to June, however unfortunately a number of the complaints made to Home Group were anonymous meaning we were unable to re-contact complainants and in some instances were unable to fully investigate complaints due to a lack of information.”

In a bid follow up complaints Home Group carried a number of door knocks within targeted areas of Frizington where they believed the anti-social behaviour was occurring.

Mr Varrah said: “We spoke to as many residents as possible and where residents were not in a leaflet was left explaining the reasoning for our visit and encouraging people to contact us and reports any incidents of anti-social behaviour.”

Since then, Home Group have issued seven tenancy warnings to a number of different residents within Home Group.

Joint visits with the Police have taken place and regular review meetings with the Police and other residents are being held.

Home Group and the Police are carrying out joint Anti-Social Behaviour patrols in Frizington on the below dates.

Purpose being to identify and prevent where possible any Anti-Social Behaviour as well as give residents of Frizington to approach us with any concerns they may have.

Sgt Macdonald said: “There has been considerable worked achieved through collaboration between the agencies.

“The area has been tidied up and police have met with private landlords of problem tenants and sought to have those tenants removed where appropriate. The issues reported appear to be loud noise, shouting and general disturbances.”

For the campaign to be most effective Cumbria Constabulary and Home Group need the help of the community.

If a member of the community is experiencing anti-social behaviour both organisations encourage residents to report the issue.

The police have confirmed they have received only 65 calls regarding anti-social behaviour and associated issues in the locality between 01 January and 30 September 2017.

54 of these calls were in Frizington itself and having removed those of domestic dispute and environmental in nature, there are 39 reports for the year to 30 September 2017.

Sgt Macdonald said: “We want to make sure that any such incidents are dealt with in order to prevent any momentum of criminal and anti-social behaviour.

“In order to assist us deal with those responsible more effectively we would urge the public to report matters at the earliest opportunity.

“Cumbria Constabulary and Home Group are committed to reducing the level of anti-social and disorderly behaviour in your area and will be working in partnership to take action against offenders.”

Mr Varrah added: “We appreciate residents can be apprehensive about contacting us, however complaints can be made anonymously to all agencies, however we do encourage people to leave their name and number so that we can re-contact residents for further information and give updates in relation to progress.”

Here at Egremont 2Day we want to promote positive relationships between community residents and community organisations.

We also strive to promote the community working together – tackling issues with truth and optimism to avoid anger and segregation.

We look forward to working with Home Group and Cumbria Constabulary to bring our communities closer together and form lasting solutions.