Callum’s Gardening Corner…

WELL here we are in October and we have the delights of Autumn. These include ripening berries, beautiful coloured leaves falling and all different kinds of fungi.

This is the month when I like to prepare the garden for winter.

Perennial plants which have finished flowering can be pruned down to ground level and cleaned up.

Any perennial plants which have become too big can be lifted and divided and then replanted which will do the plant much good. Dividing perennials is also a good way for creating new plants which can be used in other parts of the garden.

Any summer flowering shrubs which have finished flowering can be pruned back and tidied up.

Remember when pruning to use sharp secateurs or loppers to prune out any dead, damaged and diseased wood, and prune back to a good set of buds.

It’s good idea to keep on top of fallen leaves by raking and sweeping them up, a net put over a garden pond will stop any leaves falling in and causing problems.

Lawn mowers do a good job of vacuuming leaves up when they are set up for a slightly higher cut and also give a neat trim to the grass doing two jobs at once.

Summer bedding can be cleared away now including tubs, containers and baskets. Any plants which have corms or tubers can be saved and put in a shed or greenhouse to dry out before being stored away for the winter.

Winter bedding can be planted now including tubs and containers; use fresh compost. Planted now, the plants will have time to settle in and anchor themselves before we move into winter.

In the vegetable garden continue to harvest vegetables as they mature and any vacant ground can be dug over rough for winter rains and frosts to work their magic.

October is also a good month to buy all types of spring flowering bulbs which can be planted between now and November.

It’s also a good time of year to treat all fences, sheds and garden buildings including outdoor furniture with a good quality wood preservative and inspect fence posts which may need replacing.