Callum’s Gardening Corner…

gardening columnAS we move into September we will see the first signs of Autumn, things in the garden will be slowing down, flowers will be setting seed and fruits will be ripening fast.

There’s plenty to be getting on with in the garden.

Strawberry plants which were rooted last month from cuttings will be ready for planting now.

Prepare the soil well by forking over and removing weeds.

Add some bone meal and rake in before planting.

Planted now, the plants will make good root growth and settle in before the winter.

In the vegetable garden continue to harvest vegetables as soon as they are ready and keep the area tidy by forking over the empty parts and keeping on top of the weeds.

Spring cabbages which were sown last month can be planted now in the same way as I mentioned about the strawberry plants.

Bedding plants, tubs and hanging baskets will still be flowering well, but we need to think about what’s going to replace these next month when they have finished flowering.

I like to buy winter bedding, such as Polyanthus, pansies and Bellis, as small plug plants in early September and grow them on to make bigger plants, which are ideal for replacing the summer bedding come October.

A important job this month is to prepare the lawn ready for the winter, as this is the ideal time of year while the ground conditions are right.

Firstly a light scarify to remove any weeds, moss and dead grass, which may have built up during the summer.

After this the lawn can be spiked, which will allow air into the roots and also relieve compaction.

Any bare patches or worn areas will benefit from over-seeding with a good quality grass seed.

And, finally, a good quality Autumn lawn feed will perk up a tired lawn and set it up for the winter.

The feed must be a Autumn feed which is low in nitrogen.

Happy gardening for September. If you have any questions feel free to email me