New children’s atlas features Egremont Crab Fair

By Rachael Grealish
A NEW children’s atlas of bizarre events and traditions in the UK has included Egremont Crab Fair.

The page on Uk & Ireland in the Atlas of Oddities

The page on Uk & Ireland in the Atlas of Oddities

Atlas of Oddities, by Clive Gifford and Tracy Worrall, is designed to teach children about the world, through quirky and unusual facts.

The book has a map of quirky traditions in Britain – one of which is the Crab Fair and World Gurning Championship.

Egremont’s entry reads: “A Crab Fair has been held in the village since 1267, but in more recent times it has been home to the World Gurning Championships. Contestants put their head through a horse collar and pull a ridiculous face.”

Crab Fair, which will celebrate its 750th anniversary next year, started by the Lord of Egremont, of giving away crab apples and this year hailed a new gurning champion: Aiden from Coventry.

The book features facts that explore bizarre feats of human ingenuity, incredible technology, obscure foods and talented animals.

Clive Gifford has over 150 books published, in a variety of genre, since the age of 16.

The atlas was inspired by Gifford’s own travels around the world due to his parents work on an airline.

Tracy Worrall, from Liverpool, has worked with the Discovery Channel, DK, National Trust, Tate Galleries and Saatchi and Saatchi.

Other facts in the book include that the first person to survive a trip over Niagara Falls in a barrel was daredevil Annie Edson Taylor in 1901, aged 63 and Sport Club do Recife, a football club in Brazil, once hired the fans’ own mothers as security guards.

The book was produced by Egmont Publishing and more information can be found at

Egmont is the largest specialist children’s book publisher in the UK, selling over one million books every month.