Christians Against Poverty give advice on saving up this summer

Piggy savings bankWE’RE all going on a…

Here at Christians Against Poverty (CAP) we understand the importance of taking time to relax and recuperate from the endless onslaught of work, kids and running a home.

It’s hard to think clearly when you’re too stressed to think at all, and sometimes the more exhausted you are, the harder it is to stop, or even sleep.

Money worries can be the cause of many a restless night, so as the temperature climbs it’s worth taking this opportunity to get your bank balance smoking hot, ready for another sizzling summer (hope!).

Hit the pause button: the brain gets fatigued like any other muscle.
So make sure you take a Sabbath every week: your body and mind need at least one whole day off to chill and recover.

That needn’t involve a whole day spent marinating in the bath, but make sure you don’t do anything that you would class as ‘work’: park your phone, keep the laptop off – and how about some fresh air…

Fuel efficient: Could you spend a month walking everywhere? On the dry days, you could forfeit the car and get those legs going?

It will do your beach body no harm and give your family a chance to chat. Money saved on petrol can go straight into the piggy bank.

Make a getaway: Where last year you might have had to forfeit a holiday to pay off the overdraft, now is the time to ensure that this year you have yourself a well-earned break.

Use the Money Advice Service’s calculator to come up with a strategic action plan: it’s an ideal way to save up for that holiday you really needed last year.

Action Plan: Saving is much more effective when you have an incentive. Maybe have a family meeting – kids, pets and Granddad included – to throw around ideas about where you could go away this year.

There might be somewhere you’ve never thought of and you can have fun together whilst coming to some sort of compromise that suits you all.

Managing debt is stressful. CAP offers free support regardless of age, gender, faith or background.

They also run free CAP Money courses to help you get your finances in shape.

Check out or call 0800 328 0006 for more information.
by Julian Berkeley