Copeland Beaches are ‘fantastic’

St Bees 'excellent' beach (Photo: D Sim)

St Bees ‘excellent’ beach (Photo: D Sim)

By Ken Powell

Anyone fancying a dip in our waters or looking forward to leaping in when it gets warmer next year can do so with the assurance all Copeland beaches are ‘safe and clean’ according to Copeland Borough Council.

After extensive weekly tests from May to September by the Environment Agency St Bees and Silecroft were found to be ‘excellent’ for water quality. Seascale was rated as ‘good’ and Haverigg as ‘sufficient’. The annual ratings are based on an average over four years.

The council are delighted with the results and Councillor Lena Hogg, Copeland’s deputy Mayor and portfolio holder for environmental health, said: “This is very good news and it means people can enjoy all four of our beaches in confidence. It’s fantastic that two of our beaches, St Bees and Silecroft, received the highest-possible rating of excellent.”