Conservatives take Copeland in historic by-election win

By Rachael Grealish

A HISTORIC moment, today, as Copeland elects first Conservative MP in 82 years.

Copeland’s next MP, Conservative Party’s, Trudy Harrison – photo by Robert Haile

The Conservative Party’s Trudy Harrison has been named Copeland’s next MP, and Copeland’s first female MP, in a Historic Win.

Egremont 2Day covered the count at Whitehaven Sports Hall, from 10pm, the winners declaration took place just after 2.30am, on Friday February 24.

Mrs Harrison, who is a mother of four daughters, said: “It’s a huge honour, to have won, this is a historic moment, I’m completely elated.

“I will be heading down to Westminster, on Monday morning, to talk to ministers and get started on my six point plan.”

This Conservative win will be the first time, since 1935, that the constituency has not been Labour.

The other six candidates were: Labour’s Gillian Troughton, Ukip’s Fiona Mills, the Liberal Democrats’ Rebecca Hanson, the Green Party’s Jack Lenox and independents Michael Guest and Roy Ivinson.

The results of the by-election were:

Michael Guest, independent 811 votes.

Liberal Democrat Rebecca Hanson 2,252 votes.

Conservative Trudy Harrison 13,748 votes.

Roy Ivinson 116 votes.

Green Party Jack Lenox 515 votes.

Ukip Fiona Mills 2,025 votes.

Labour Gillian Troughton 11,601 votes.

There were 31,108 votes cast, and it was a 51.33% turnout.

Copeland’s Mayor, Mike Starkie with Copeland’s next MP, Trudy Harrison

Copeland’s elected mayor, Mike Starkie, said: “It’s been a really good turn out and I think Trudy will be a good, hard working MP.

“I have worked with her in the past and I think she will be a fantastic representative and I really look forward to working with her.”

After the declaration was called Gillian Troughton quickly left the venue and was unable for comment.

Jack Lenox commented: “I’m a bit disappointed, but with the campaigning I’ve discovered a lot of people who share the same views and politics as the Green Party and myself and if they’ll have me, I’d love to stand again for the area.”

Roy Ivinson said: “I put forward my views and I stood for what I believed in.  The thing is, people want the jobs global warming brings, but don’t support the reasons why.”

Michael Guest said: “I’m quite disappointed with 811 as we’d been aiming for 2,000 – we only had a short run, so we’re really going to be pushing for the County Council elections, in May, to elect independents.”

Rebecca Hanson said: “I’m really proud because I have run a good campaign and really made a difference with the issues that I set out to change.”

Fiona Mills was also unavailable for an interview.