Copeland ladies show #thisgirlcan play cricket

By Robert Haile

EIGHT teams from Whitehaven to Seascale descended on Egremont Cricket Club on Sunday, July 9 for English Cricket Board and Cumbria Crickets soft ball cricket festival.

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The games differs from the normal version of the game as each player was given a coloured t-shirt, plastic stumps and a softer pink version of the hard red cricket ball.

The scoring was the same as normal cricket except that the teams batted in pairs for two overs and for each wicket lost five runs were deducted.

Include prosecco, music, cricket tea and a BBQ and it soon developed into a festival to rival Glastonbury.

The format of the day saw to groups of four play two rounds before a placing play-off.

In the first round in group one Wagamama faced Whitehaven Wonder Women while Pumped Up took on Girl Power while in group two Seascale Sliders played Jumping Jacks and Diamond Ducks took on the Wolf Pack.

While England and Australia were busy battling it out in the Women’s One Day World Cup Wagamama and Whitehaven Wonder Women were engaged in the highest scoring game of the day as Wagamama took the game 275 to 267.

As the international game was decided by three runs the Diamond Ducks missed out by four to the Wolf Pack at 234 – 238.

In the second round Girl Power took on Wagamama while Whitehaven Wonder Women faced Pumped Up in group one and Wolf Pack played Seascale Sliders while Jumping Jacks faced Diamond Ducks.

If the Wolf Pack thought there last game was close losing by one run to the Seascale Sliders, 220 to 221. While these matches were being played a short shower passed over which did nothing to dampen the expressive play on show before tea.

After tea the teams were sent into the places play-off and final with Wagamama and Seascale Sliders playing in the final.

In another tight game it was the group from Seascale that triumphed to claim the trophy.

The event was well attended with over 70 women taking part in Egremont while five other festivals have been held around the county.