Copeland MP Jamie Reed Resigns

By Ken Powell

Jamie Reed MP resigned from Parliament today

Local MP Jamie Reed resigned his position as Member of Parliament for Copeland today publishing his letter of resignation to Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn on Twitter.

Paying tribute to all those who have supported him Mr Reed said “I am indebted to all those who have supported, advised, assisted and encouraged me over the years. I am particularly grateful to the Copeland Labour Party and the hardworking, dedicated, decent people who sustain it.” In his letter to Labour members he admitted “this has been the hardest decision of my life” and he was leaving “with a heavy heart”.

In his two-page letter Mr Reed explains that he is moving on to join Sellafield as its new Head of Development & Community Relations but in his email to party members also said  he is “leaving Parliament, but I am not leaving the Labour Party” and expressed his belief that “the Labour Party remains the greatest movement for social and economic progress we have ever seen or are ever likely to see”.

Speaking of feeling “proud” of 12 years of working in politics, Mr Reed said “together we built, schools, town centre developments, university facilities, dental surgeries, healthcare centres and a new West Cumberland Hospital of which I am most proud. This is the hospital where my four children were born and which saved my life in 2010 when admitted to intensive care as a result of undiagnosed Type 1 diabetes.”

Mr Reed’s resignation letter as published from his Twitter account