Egremont Town Council

Egremont Town Council February Egremont 2Day column, by Cllr Neil Ferguson
Vice Chair

HAPPY New Year everyone, Egremont Town Council hopes that you all have had a wonderful time over the festive holidays.

The festive period is about family, friends and about sharing love and time with those who mean so much to us.

It’s also a time to reflect, so in the time honoured tradition I’d like to look back over the last twelve months:
2017 started well and with so much to look forward to – there was the news of developments around the Moorside project and its positive effect on Egremont parish.

The plans for the two dilapidated buildings on the Main Street & other developments.

The continued success of Calderwood house and the fantastic work they carry out in the community.

The amazing support and generosity of the parish towards local and national charities, including foodbanks.

The Main Street was planted with more flowers and won an award in the Cumbria in Bloom competition alongside the cemetery for its well kept and beautiful grounds.

The continuing success of our local schools and the amazing achievements of Westlakes Academy.
Another fantastic Winter Wonderland Christmas event- one of the best Christmas events in the whole of Cumbria, let alone Copeland.

Finally, the 750th Crab Fair celebrations – one of the world’s longest running festivals and this year’s event was the best it has ever been.

There were also several elections, new MPs and Councillors were elected and proposed changes to parish boundaries and further changes to budgets has increased the financial pressure on Town and Parish Councils in the area.

However, as this New Year begins, it brings great hope of renewal and regeneration.
The good news that Lowes Court Gallery is to remain an integral part of our community, I am sure you will all be thrilled about.

It’s a positive start and thanks must be given to the parish for their overwhelming support in helping to achieve this and the Town Council wish them continued success and hope that they further thrive in the coming year.

Lastly, Egremont Town Council send their best wishes to all for 2018 and they would like to ensure parishioners that they will continue to work hard for our community and strive to make improvements where possible.

  • Next Egremont Town Council meeting is Tuesday, February 20 at 6pm.