Copeland schools get creative for World Book Day

by Rachael Grealish

COLOURFUL storybook characters were brought to life in the classroom as schools around Copeland celebrated World Book Day 2017.

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Mr Twit, Harry Potter, Charlie Bucket and Mary Poppins were all in attendance as children and staff from all over Copeland dressed up as their favourite fictional character on Thursday March 2.

2017 was a momentous year for the event as it signified the 20th anniversary of World Book Day.

At St Bridget’s Roman Catholic Primary School, in Egremont, the children, and staff, all dressed up as characters of their choosing, but the whole school came together to read The Mousehole Cat and attended different workshops throughout the day.

Suzanne Smith, St Bridget’s headteacher, said: “Reading and the enjoyment of books is part of everyday life for children in our school.

“However, we love World Book Day as it is a wonderful opportunity to engage children in different ways.

“This year the whole school listened to the story of The Mousehole Cat.

“The children then attended 4 workshops throughout the day, in mixed age groups, based on the story they’d heard. They got to do art, poetry, music and drama and made lanterns.

“There has been a lovely, fun atmosphere around school and the older children showed their maturity in helping with the younger ones in the different workshops.

“All the children (with the parents help!) did a fantastic job of dressing up as different characters, and the teachers had a go too.”

At Bookwell Primary School there was a school-wide book day theme of dressing up: Roald Dahl.

The school chose Roald Dahl to celebrate the 100th birthday of the children’s story writer and pupils, and staff, dressed up as a character from any, of the many, Roald Dahl books and poems.

Russell Hardy, Bookwell headteacher, said: “We had a wonderful day celebrating all things linked to Roald Dahl as we decided we wanted a theme for the children this year.

“World Book Day is a wonderful opportunity to remind the children of the joy of reading and have the opportunity to have a fun day while taking part in many different book related activities.

“All the children had put an enormous amount of effort into their outfits. Anything which helps to show the amazing power of reading is a wonderful thing because of the pleasure it can bring.”

The Bookwell pupils were mixed up and split into 9 small groups – each doing different activities, such as baking, crafts and drawing, all with the theme of different Roald Dahl books.

Each head teacher spoke about the importance of reading in schools and encouraging the joy of reading to each pupil.

World Book Day started in 1997 and is all about getting kids closer to the books and authors they already love, and letting them discover more books and authors they’ll love every bit as much in the future.

photos by Robert Haile