Cumbria storm could put up to 600 homes in danger of flood

by Rachael Grealish

Warnings issued by the met office for tomorrow (Sunday November 15) - Cumbria is on 'amber' alert, be prepared.

Warnings issued by the met office for tomorrow (Sunday November 15) – Cumbria is on ‘amber’ alert, be prepared.

Cumbria is on amber alert as flood warnings have been issued to the north of England and potentially 600 homes in Cumbria could be a risk of serious flooding.

Two of the areas in risk of the most serious flooding are Egremont and Kendal.

Police are urging people to stay safe and have said not to walk or drive through any flood water of which they cannot judge the depth.

The floods risks are expected to hit in the early house of tomorrow morning (Sunday November 15). Police have also urged people living in flood risk areas to consider self-evacuating to family or friends homes in non-flood-risk areas.

A reception center has been set up in West Lakes Academy, Egremont for those unable to self-evacuate.

Police and partners are also warning people who live in areas that have previously experienced heavy flooding that they may too be at risk of flooding.

People are also being asked to contact vulnerable neighbours and ensure they are aware of the warnings and find out if they are able to re-locate.

The areas the advice from the police applies to are the following:

CA22 2AP, CA22 2AX, CA22 2DY, CA22 2DZ, CA22 2EJ, CA22 2EL, CA22 2NL, CA22 2PN, CA22 2RE, CA22 2RG, CA22 2RH, CA22 2RL, CA22 2AS, CA22 2AT, CA22 2AW, CA22 2AZ, CA22 2BA, CA22 2BZ, CA22 2DU, CA22 2DX, CA22 2NN, CA22 2RB, CA22 2RD, CA22 2RF, CA22 2RQ, CA25 5WA, CA22 2BB, CA22 2DT, CA22 2EY, CA22 2EZ, CA22 2HE, CA22 2HH, CA22 2HA, CA22 2HD.

Properties near the River Ehen, Whangs Beck and Skirting Beck are also at risk of flooding.

Properties at risk from the River Ehen at Egremont are: Beck Green, Bridge End including Industrial Park, Croft Terrace, Crosside.

Properties at risk from Skirting Beck on Chaucer Avenue are Milton Rd, Keats Drive, Croadalle Ave, Falcon Club, West Lakes Academy, Church View, Beck Side.

Properties at risk from Whangs Beck are: Orgill Primary School, Southey Ave, Spencer Close, Coleridge Drive, Keats Drive, Croadalle Ave, Church View, Beck Side

Cunbria Constabulary issued:

Should your property be affected by a flood please be extremely careful and do not touch any electrical equipment or power cables. To report a power cut or damage to the power network contact Electricity North West on 0800 195 4141, follow @ElectricityNW or visit

Electricity North West, the region’s power network operator, has additional engineers and customer contact advisors on standby to help keep the lights on, repair any potential damage and handle customer enquiries if needed.

Stephanie Trubshaw, head of customer experience at Electricity North West, said: “We are closely monitoring the weather and we’ve taken extra measures to get ready in case the heavy rain forecast to hit our region over the weekend affects power supplies.

“We work hard to protect our substations and equipment from extreme events like flooding and while we’ve invested £7.9m in boosting flood defences at 31 key sites over the past few years, we’re not complacent and are making additional preparations.”

For more information about flood alerts, visit

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You can also contact the Cumbria Highways Hotline on 0845 609 6609.

The British Red Cross will also be on standby to help vulnerable people and those in need.

The heavy rain is due to continue until noon tomorrow (Sunday November 15.)