Cute – but no chocs allowed!

Be careful what treat you give your pet.

Be careful what treat you give your pet.

Andrew Robinson MRCVS of  Millcroft Veterinary Group.

WOW – it hardly seems five minutes since Christmas and yet here we are rapidly approaching Easter. It’s great to see the lambs out in the fields and no matter how often I lamb a sheep (or what time of day or night I do it) I wonder at how these delicate, wet little creatures quickly get to their feet and go to find milk from mum. I would struggle to guess at how many sheep I have lambed over the last 17 years and how many more just get on with the process themselves.

Easter also means lots of chocolate so once again I want to remind dog owners at how clever their four-legged friends are at discovering your goodies- and they don’t mind the wrapping either. So many of our emergency calls at this time of year involve having to make dogs sick who have eaten all the Easter chocolate. I remember one case when an owner brought me all the dogs in the household because they did not know which dog had eaten the chocolate. I gave them all the injection to make them sick and after a couple of minutes the drug worked and we began the strange process of examining what each dog had produced to find the guilty suspect. I did feel slightly bad that the other dogs were left feeling very unwell so gave them another injection to remove the sickness (I even persuaded the owner to let me give it to the naughty one as well). Another food that is often eaten at Easter are fruit cakes or hot cross buns. Fruit is also harmful to our pets, so please store these with the chocolate!

If after eating all this food you are concerned about the weight of your pet (or the New Year’s resolution to get more exercise has been prevented by all the wind and rain) don’t forget you can pop in during surgery hours and put them on the scales. The computer will then plot any changes and we can come up with a plan for those long, hot summer days that we must surely be owed.

One final word about food relates to chips. Well, actually microchips. Don’t forget that the law changes on April 6th meaning that ALL dogs must have a microchip in. Look out for special offers at the surgery to encourage everyone to be ready and if your pet doesn’t like the vet, don’t worry- registered veterinary nurses can insert the microchip and talk you through the process of registering it.

Writing this has made me hungry so I’m off for a hot cross bun- Happy Easter!