Dirty Cello set for Florence Arts stage

AS their UK tour comes towards its end Dirty Cello roll into Florence Arts Centre on Sunday, but before then the Egremont 2Day caught up with the band to talk inspiration, tours and what Egremont can expect.

Can you tell us about the Dirty Cello band members?

My name is Rebecca Roudman and I lead the band and sing and play the cello and the fiddle. I’m a classically trained cellist and love to let my hair down and play in the Dirty Cello band. Our guitarist is Jason Eckl. He’s a professional guitarist and orchestral arranger. Our bass player is Colin Williams. He teaches jazz studies and plays in a diverse collection of bands. Our mandolinist/back up singer is Hannah Jern-Miller. She has a background in folk and blues and plays in harmony based bands.

The Dirty Cello Band


For those that aren’t familiar with your music, how would you describe your sound?

The Dirty Cello band is one part blues, one part bluegrass, a whole lot of wailing cello, and a dash of beautiful harmonies.

What inspires the music you make?

We base all of our music choices on what we would want to hear as an audience. We don’t do a lot of serious music, but we love uptempo, fun, rocking tunes.

Are there any musicians that have inspired you?

I love YoYo Ma because of his openness to playing different styles on his cello. I’m also inspired by Jimi Hendrix.

How would you describe your journey to get to where you are now?

The Dirty Cello band is on its 6th international tour after only 6 years as a band, and we’ve been enjoying a lot of success. On the way there, however, it took a long time to develop our sound – we’ve tried playing electric gypsy music, jazz, and everything in between until we settled on our current sound.

You’ve toured all over the world, the UK, China, the US, where is your favourite place to perform? (and why?)

Our tours have taken us from major cities to some really out of the way places. We’ve discovered that we most enjoy playing small towns where audiences are open, welcome and friendly.

You’ve never performed at Florence Arts Centre, are you looking forward to coming off the beaten track and hitting the Egremont stage? (and why?)

No matter how many concerts we do, over 100 a year, we never know what to expect until we walk in the door of the venue. It’s always an adventure.

What can the Egremont audience expect on Sunday?

We have a very unique way of not picking our songs before the concert begins. We have a giant list of music and as the concert goes on, we shape the set to what people are most into. They’ll be a ton of variety, lots of energy, stories of our travels, and a great time for both us and the audience.

Tickets are available for Sunday, August 6 concert from Florence Arts Centre website or by phone.