Don’t go into the Cellar bring all-woman cast to Egremont

A PRE-Halloween treat is in store for fans of ghost and ghouls Don’t go into the Cellar return to Egremont, this week, with an all woman cast.

The touring theatre company will bring their new show, Morbid Curiosities: Queens of Victorian Horror to Florence Arts Centre, on Saturday, October 21.

The company, led by Jonathan Goodwin, have previously been to the venue with shows about Sherlock Holmes, Count Dracula and other Gothic characters.

This time the focus is on women, with a show adapted from three classic short stories by Victorian female writers.

Morbid Curiosities: Queens of Victorian Horror takes on three of the best-known tales from the genre: Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s ‘The Yellow Wallpaper’ – which story sees a young woman descend into madness, ‘The Old Nurse’s Story’ – which boasts to be a perfect example of the Victorian ghost story, by Elizabeth Gaskell and John Charrington’s ‘Wedding’ which is a tale of love from beyond the grave, from Edith Nesbit.

Each Don’t Go Into The Cellar experience promises to be an unforgettable trip back to the glory days of gothic horror.

The company as the audience to allow the ghouls of the nineteenth-century to crawl from their crypts, as they attempt to show how the female of the species can be even deadlier than the male.

Don’t go in to the Cellar’s Morbid Curiosities: Queens of Victorian Horror will take to the stage of Florence Arts Centre, in Egremont, on Saturday, October 21, at 7.30pm.

Tickets available from the venue’s box office or at

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