Editor’s chair with Rachael Grealish

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“It’s a question of whether print should be free”

AT the beginning of February I was invited to a council meeting with the NCTJ (the National Council for the Training of Journalists – this is the governing body for official journalism qualifications) at the Google UK building in London.

During this time attendees were given the opportunity to ask questions to a panel which was made up of elite editors and alumni of the NCTJ.

Many asked about the future of online journalism and use of social media.

This prompted a thought – what about future of the printed press.

So I asked “Do you think the printed press will die?”

Obviously a worrying thought for any newspaper editor working in the printed press and a worry for a newspaper with such a proud history in print, like E2D.

I prepared for the worst possible outcome, of course, but when they began to answer I was pleasantly surprised.
Matt Cooke, Google UK News Lab Lead, said: “I don’t think print will die, I think it’s the brands are the one that will last on. It’s brands that experiment that will last and that’s what you need.”

This made me think a lot about the change and experimenting Egremont 2Day has made throughout the years – from a one page Labour news sheet, to a 24 page black and white magazine (all hand-printed by the late Peter Watson) to the newspaper you’re reading now.

Then Laura Adams, editoral director of Archant, London, Herts and Cambs, gave her opinion.

She said: “I think it will plateau. There will always be stories, people will always want media in a different way and I think we all need to be aware of that and sometimes people just want something to hold in their hand.”

But it was definitely Laura’s final comment on the subject that left food for thought.

She said: “It’s not whether print will die, it’s whether it should be free.”

This was definitely a comforting moment for this young editor.

Egremont 2Day is free and will remain free.

We adapt with change. We have a strong social media presence, a regularly updated website and a colourful newspaper filled to the brim with stories which give voice to a changing community. And of course with our vibrant advertisements.

I think E2D is right on schedule to keep up with our buzzing and colourful community – whilst keeping hold of our roots – and keep up with the changing times in the press.

Plus, we’ve already got one thing that’s ahead of the times, we are a free printed newspaper and if that’s what national editors are thinking is the future, we must be on the right track.

Mum’s the word

Our Mum’s have been with us from before the very beginning, and, if they’re like mine was, as we have grown up they become more than a loving mother, they become a best friend.

Yes, it’s Mother’s Day this month (March 6th) and definitely a time to remind your Mum how special she is.

But if this is the only time you give your Mum that extra spoiling she deserves, why not try and make it a regular thing? How about treating her once a month or every two months?

It may not even be your Mum that’s the special lady in your life, so you could treat your grandmother, aunty, sister or significant other.

I think showing someone you appreciate them should not be confined to just one day. See how you can show them you love them all year round.