Egremont students learn life-saving skills with first responders

By Rachael Grealish

FIRST Responders leapt to action to teach Egremont students valuable life-saving skills.


Don’t panic: With the help of the first responders year eight pupil, Kate Dawson, was taught how to use a defib if someone suffers from cardiac arrest.

West Lakes Academy (WLA) played host to the Arlecdon and District First Responders to give pupils hands on experience with first aid, CPR and even defibrillator training, on Friday July 8.

All year 8 pupils had a go at defibrillators in order to give them the skills to act in an emergency situation.

Siobhan Walker, WLA teacher who organised the event, said: “It’s so important that the students learn these skills, so that they know how to look after themselves, and others, in emergency situations.

“It’s fantastic that the first responders can come in a teach the pupils these vital skills – the pupils always take so much away from it.”

This is the second year the first responders have organised an event like this at the school.

Chris Abbot, an Arlecdon and District Community First Responder, said: “I’ve been so impressed with the hard work the pupils have put in that I am nominating the school for a Cardiac Smart Award for the North West.”

Community First Responders are volunteers are trained to attend emergency calls received by the ambulance service and provide care until the ambulance arrives.

Chris said: “I feel that everyone at some point in their lives will be totally reliant on someone else and when someone dials 999 they need help, so I feel it’s part of life to be able to go and help someone when they need it – and that’s what we do.

“We work for the community, with the community, in the community.”

As years have gone on the Community First Responders team has decreased in size and are looking for new members – if you’re up for it visit