Egremont Town Council has a positive plan

By Rachael Grealish

A THREE point plan to regenerate Egremont has been drawn up by Egremont Town Council.

A new look: The Red Lion will be transformed into a boarded-up building to a new hotel - this is just one of the Egremont revamp plans -photo by Robert Haile

A new look: The Red Lion will be transformed into a boarded-up building to a new hotel – this is just one of the Egremont revamp plans -photo by Robert Haile

Working with Copeland Borough Council, Egremont Town Council has come up with a plan to regenerate, revamp, and instil pride in the town.

The plan, brought together under the name: The West Copeland Partnership, will focus on: children and young people, places and environment issues and places, transport, traffic and local services.

The second point, places and environment issues, covers decapitated buildings, open spaces, dog fouling, litter, planting and flooding etc.

Work has already begun on this point as planning has been granted in four areas and buildings in the town.

The site next to the Wheatsheaf pub is to be a new build with a shop underneath, flats above and one or two houses behind.

The former Tommy Kelly’s is to be regenerated into a new shop below, two bedroom flats above and three houses behind.

The Red Lion is going to be made into a new hotel and the Castle cinema site is to be made into town houses – most work will begin in 2017.

Councillor Sam Pollen said: “All the Egremont Town Councillors want to make Egremont a place people and tourists want to go and we want the people of Egremont to have pride in the town.

“We’re really pleased to have the backing of the mayor and this is just the start of what we’re really fighting for and we’ve been fighting for to bring some life into the town.”

The Copeland Mayor, Mike Starkie, said: “Progress is being made in the redevelopment of dilapidated buildings that have blighted the Egremont main street for years.

“The process of bringing all our town centres back to life is complex and can take more time than we would ideally like but we are making real progress throughout the borough and are determined the plan to regenerate all of our towns comes to fruition.”

Egremont is just one of the West Copeland towns that are part of a revamp plan – others include: St Bees, Beckermet, Millom, Cleator Moor and Whitehaven.

At the Egremont Town Council meeting, on Tuesday November 15, the council discussed how they would like a lot of the work completed before the Crab Fair 750th anniversary in September next year.

Another issue in the three point plan was illegal parking on Egremont Main Street, Sam Pollen said: “This has been an issue we have been fighting for some time – we want the main street to be safe for people to walk up and down, but at the same time we don’t want to upset businesses.

“We don’t want people thinking there’s no where to park and stop shopping on the main street.”

The town council will be running an open surgery to listen to all the issue from members of the community during the farmers market in Egremont Market Hall – the next surgery is: Friday November 18.

They will also be starting a monthly column with Egremont 2Day to keep the community updated from the next issue.