It’ll be all Fright on the Night

Iona and Peter Frost- Pennington with Vivienne Tregidga and Phil Gable at the launch of their film Flossy at Florence Arts Centrte.

Iona and Peter Frost-Pennington with Vivienne Tregidga and Phil Gable at the launch of their film Flossy at Florence Arts Centrte.


FILMING will begin on a short film called Are We Dead Yet? at Muncaster Castle, west Cumbria, in November. This is an unfolding story about the Ghosts who reside at the castle. This short film is the second in the series of films that lead the story into a full length feature film planned for late 2016.

Phil Gable explains: “This first short film is the pivotal point for raising funds for the full length feature film and therefore imperative that we shoot it with the look and feel of a real Hollywood blockbuster.”

“If we make this short film happen, then we will be shooting a full length feature film at Muncaster Castle with a celebrity cast and a full budget next year. This will be an amazing accomplishment and excellent for Cumbria in general.”

Phil has recently returned to the UK from Hollywood after spending over seven years working in the film industry in LA. “I am originally from Workington and it was important that I came back to help my elderly parents. While I am here I want to realise a dream to shoot a film at Muncaster,” explained Phil.

“I grew up visiting the castle and know that it is haunted with lots of very interesting characters.” When producer Vivienne Tregidga introduced Phil to Peter and Iona Frost-Pennington at the Castle they thought it was a great idea.

“We are very excited and thrilled that Phil and Vivienne chose Muncaster astle for their film and we will help out as much as we can,” said Peter Frost Pennington from Muncaster Castle.

Vivienne Tregidga has produced a number of YouTube films online, The Fat Chat Show and Cumbrian Kitchen. “I met Phil earlier this year through our common interest in producing films and we embarked on our first project a short ghost film called Flossy. We entered it into the Whitehaven Film Festival in the summer this year and it was very well received. We used local Cumbrian actors and film crew and shot it at Florence Mine in Egremont.”

To shoot Are We Dead Yet? Phil explained they need £12,000 in order to rent professional film making equipment. “This will ensure that the end result looks and feels like a real Hollywood Blockbuster and means we can enter Are we dead yet? into film festivals around the world.”

Phil and Vivienne are hoping to raise the funds they need for the film through an on-line crowd-funding site called

“This is a great opportunity for people to get involved with something very special that will raise the profile of west Cumbria to a worldwide audience,” Phil said.

The funding will enable them to hire all the equipment needed to shoot the film and make it look like a Hollywood block buster. “We have launched an online appeal on crowd-funding where we explain more about the film and how people can get involved,” explained Vivienne.

“For anyone donating to our film there will be various perks available as tokens of our appreciation including credits on the film.”