Memories of the REME: Clive Hodgson

AS part of our Bringing Communities Together Campaign we asked for your stories about your time in the armed forces or a relatives.

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In response to this we had Clive Hodgson who served in the REME with the 7th Armoured Brigade for three years and was part of a NATO operation called Battle Royal in Germany, e-mailed in with some photographs to go along with his service history.

We also asked if anyone remembered Ronald Rogers to which Mr. Hodgson replied: “I do remember Ronnie Rogers he played football for Thornhill Sports and Social Club, and I had a couple of games for them once when I was on leave.”

Mr. Hodgson’s army career started in 1952 at Blanford, Dorset with six weeks of training where Joe Lancaster was transporting recruits from the train station to camp, before moving on to Norton Manor, Somerset.

After Norton Manor it was onto Barton Stacey, Hampshire before ending up in Germany at Liebenau in Pinewood Barracks and then Duisburg in Glamorgan Barracks.

Mr. Hodgson noted that in three years in the army he only met three lads from Egremont, one was Joe Lancaster, Joe Doran and Eric Donaldson from Grove Road at that time.

Mr. Donaldson was for the whole of 30 seconds, as he was pulling into a rest area where you got fed and watered, could get a decent wash and for the price of some cigarettes, hot water for a shave off the cookhouse.

As he pulled in Eric who was REME attached to the Royal Signals was pulling out and was shouting ” Hodgin” and waving.

Joe Doran was driving the rations truck at Duisburg and stayed in Germany after he married a local girl.

In 1955, Clive return to the UK and returned to civilian life.

As part of our campaign we’d love to hear and share more stories of current and ex servicemen and women.

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