KEN POWELL becomes the detective for the NSPCC St Bees murder mystery night

A frightful night: Janette Drew NSPCC and the cast . Photo by K Powell

A frightful night: Janette Drew NSPCC and the cast .
Photo by K Powell

A body was found on Friday April 29 at Grindal Manor, St Bees.

Police quickly identified Lord Grindal as the victim – he is suspected to have been poisoned by someone who had close access to him.

Inspector Grim was quick to call on witnesses who were present at the manor at the time (around fifty people who were at a dinner party) to help with the investigation.

It became apparent that both employees and family members of Lord Grindal had motives for the crime most foul.

The butler and maid looked to gain if their miserly employer was “bumped off” while his wife and daughter were noted by some to be “more interested in his money than his well-being”.

Finally there was the daughter’s dastardly fiancé who, a source close to the family claimed, “was well-known for being a cad and a bounder”.

The question was however – which one of them did it?

Guests were permitted to interview the suspects between courses of a scrumptious meal as all did their best to assemble the evidence and unveil the murderer.

As an extra incentive, the NSPCC’s community fundraising manager for Cumbria, Janette Drew, offered rewards for the table who succeeded in making sure the killer was apprehended. For her pains it was agreed that all proceeds from the meal would go towards the NSPCC’s work on online safeguarding in West Cumbria – it is good to see some community benefit as the legacy of such a grisly death.

Inspector Grim (writer Gus Kennedy) is well-known for his play-writing skills having had performances of his work at Keswick’s Theatre by the Lake and Edinburgh festival.

He admitted that this was the first murder mystery with which he has ‘been involved’.

Judging by the enjoyment of all the amateur sleuths present, it may not be the last murder the inspector is called upon to deal with.

As for Grindal Manor – also known as Hodgett’s Club and more commonly as St Bees Village Hall – Chairman

Margaret Taylor assures E2D all traces of the murder are now gone

Despite the grisly event, Mrs Taylor said: “It was a very lovely night and I really enjoyed it.”

Regular readers will be delighted to know that this reporter’s skills at noting the details meant his table succeeded in taking home the reward for uncovering the evil villain – it was, of course, Mr Hudson, the butler!