PCSOs carry out ‘Rural Carpark Day’

PCSO Colette Harrison at the location and talking with Australian tourists Barry and Jan Dalton.

PCSO Colette Harrison at the location and talking with Australian tourists Barry and Jan Dalton.

PCSO’s Alan Willison and Colette Harrison from Cumbria Constabulary have recently carried out a ‘Rural Car Park Day’ in the West Cumbria area.

The main aim of the day was to show a deterring presence, but more importantly, to advise tourists, holiday makers and locals alike about vehicle and personal security.

Although Cumbria is one of the safest places in the country, criminals still target these areas purely because people feel that their property is safe and ‘out of the way’ in a quiet location.

Now that the tourist season is well under way, and fine weather is occasionally on show, our rural Lakeland car parks are becoming ever busier, with people visiting the beauty of the Lake District National Park.

It is still concerning how many people still leave many valuables on display in parked cars and the opportunist thieves are quick to operate and disappear.

PCSO Willison said: “One of the vehicles we noticed had a window open so far, you could almost reach inside! and our advice to everyone is very simple ‘Do not leave anything on show’.

“If things are a little too big to hide in the glove box or other compartment, then place them in the rear, covered up, or the boot and always lock your car and close all your windows.

Thieves look for all sorts of items these days – it can be expensive waterproof clothing or walking gear, tablets, phones, bags, purses, wallets, sat-navs etc. The list could be almost endless.”

He also said: “Many members of the public are quite trusting and believe that it will not happen to them, but if only more people would take simple precautions, then many thefts would not occur. This does not stop all thefts from motor vehicles, but it would certainly help to minimise any risk”.

“If anyone sees us in one of the rural car parks over the Summer, please come over and say hello”