Politics: Copeland MP Jamie Reed

Jamie ReedEducation

As Copeland’s MP, the education of our children and young people has always been one of my biggest priorities.
That’s why I am delighted to have recently attended an event to announce the long awaited confirmation of the Whitehaven Education Campus. It’s clear that the transformation of our community and the realisation that our best days are ahead of us continues apace.

The campus, which will incorporate community sports facilities, will see a £33 million investment. I would like to extend my sincere thanks to partners including Sellafield Limited, Cumbria County Council, Copeland Borough Council, the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority and Britain’s Energy Coast, without whom the project would not be possible.

It is amazing that the Department for Education has not provided the project with a single penny of the £33 million investment.

The plans, which will see the St Benedict’s and Mayfield Schools participating in the campus, have taken eight years of hard work to reach this stage. Through this investment, we are working to ensure that our community is well equipped to make the most of the opportunities available to us through investments, including that at Moorside, which myself and others have worked tirelessly to secure.

I am in no doubt that the campus will be one of the country’s best schools – academically brilliant and a symbol of social and community cohesion that few can boast of.

Moreover, as a proud former pupil of Whitehaven School I am passionate about the future success of Whitehaven Academy.

I have been part of a cross party delegation of MPs with Bright Tribe schools, to express concerns about the Trust to government ministers and there are, clearly, a growing number of concerns being expressed by parents, governors and staff.

I have written to the Secretary of State for Education with a view to discussing these issues and to Bright Tribe, so that parents’ questions can be answered. Parents and pupils have been placed in an intolerable position.


In the last edition of Egremont 2Day, I updated readers on the campaign to retain and improve consultant led services at the West Cumberland Hospital.

Since then, we have learnt that part of the funding for phase two of the redevelopment of the West Cumberland Hospital will be released. However, it’s nowhere near enough. We were promised £32m. We need the money, the hospital needs the money, and the community will not be fobbed off with yet more smoke and mirrors.

Moreover, you may have heard the concerning news that the Success Regime are considering daytime maternity services at the West Cumberland Hospital as an option.

Furthermore, I reiterate that I have repeatedly told the Success Regime that full 24-hour consultant-led maternity services at the West Cumberland Hospital is categorically non-negotiable. This week, a number of brave midwives have spoken out about the dangers of removing 24-hour consultant-led maternity from the Hospital, and they have my full support.
If you require my support or assistance as your Member of Parliament, I’m on jamie.reed.mp@parliament.uk.