Pupils help turn a spotlight on Gosforth’s mysterious cross

Photo by Colin Cartmell-Browne

Photo by Colin Cartmell-Browne

WE tend to forget about one of our most astonishing ancient monuments, as it’s right on our doorstep but barely celebrated.

The Gosforth Cross stands beside the church but most tourists rush past it on their way to Wasdale or Eskdale.

Well, now pupils at Gosforth Primary School have made a film with the help of Prof Dominic Powlesland to show off this cross to more people.

They have put a film together about the cross and its remarkable history which can be viewed at https://vimeo.com/167230098. The video web pages also give educational resources and historical notes.

The slender sandstone sculpture has survived over 1,000 years of weather and displays a blend of images from Norse Sagas and Christian tradition.