REVIEW: Chris Ramsey asked Egremont if they were ‘All Growed Up?’

by Alisa Cowen

A NIGHT full of laughter and jokes about the number of takeaways on our main street. Chris Ramsey took to the stage of Egremont Market Hal, on Friday April 15.

Chris Ramsey’s latest tour, All Growed Up sees him explore what it means to grow up, and the transition into fatherhood.

First up on stage was Ramsey’s supporting act, the not-sh*t (described by Ramsey), Carl Hutchinson.

The Jarrow comedian had the crowd in laughter from the onset of his first joke: “Wow, you lot love the bar don’t you?” – as he commented on the late start due to the busy bar.

During the set he covered everything from family, school, underpants mishaps and annoying waiters.

A notable quote from him was when a waiter asked him once did he want spaghetti or garlic bread to which he responded “I’m from the North! I need two carbs with every meal.”

He definitely got the crowd going with his truthful, relatable comedy.

Chris’ set was introduced with a short slideshow of photos from his childhood up until the present day.

He started off his set, deterring from the material, by commenting on the amount of takeaways in the town and calling it, in jest, a sh*t-hole compared to his home town of South Shields – the jeering and laughter implying this was taken well by the audience.

He was also amused and impressed the World Gurning Championships took place here which of course was another thing for him to joke about – not to mention him comparing the Market Hall to his Grandmother’s living room.

Later he did redeem his jokes about the town as her said: “It’s great to be somewhere where everyone is clearly proud of their hometown.”

He added: “You’re in a very beautiful place with beautiful countryside. It’s great to be somewhere where everyone is just up for a good night.”

Ramsey, introducing audience participation, picked on three members in the audience to ask if they thought they were a ‘grown up’ – to which all three replied ‘no’.

He then asked about their childhood career ambitions and if they were actually in these careers – again which they all replied ‘no’.

During the first half was his tale of a family holiday where he had to put up with an annoying child called Lawrence – he simply stated at one point: “We all knew a Lawrence.”

When asked how he thought the show went, Ramsey said: “It was an amazing audience and a really fantastic show.”

Talking about the show and the tour, in general, he said: “Growing up was a big thing for me. I like to give the audience a chunk of my flesh, you know, make an emotional connection with them. For example: I was on tour performing 10 days after my little boy Robin was born. The audience were like go home.”

It was a delightfully nostalgic and hilarious show that had the audience in fits of relatable laughter .