REVIEW: Florence gets funny with Dicky Dippinson

By Rachael Grealish

DICKY Dippinson had an Egremont audience in fits with his comedy on dips.

Fresh Prince of Shap: Dicky Dippinson getting the audience singing along to his parody songs.;
Photos by Robert Haile

A new look Florence Arts Theatre played host to a full house for the latest Cheeky Comedy night on Saturday February 11.

Egremont born John Lebbon hosted Ben Lawes, Jim Byers and Dicky Dippinson as Florence opened their doors for the first comedy event of the year.

Lebbon was his charming self playing on his knowledge of the local people to great effect, except calling them all Gary.

Up first was Fabio Cappello/Louis Theroux look alike Ben Lawes.

Lawes humor was based around his relationship with his wife, family and work, while also reaffirming why you should never arrive late to a stand up gig.

Byers and Lebbon opened his set with some coincidental visual humor as they had both worn a very similar outfit.

That is where the similarity ended as Byers fired off a series of one-liners that he wove into a hilarious story about his life back home with his parents after breaking up with his girlfriend and trying to move on, including an unfortunate conga-line with ‘Big Julie’.

Then headliner Dippinson stormed the venue with his parody songs about his life and Dip Emporium.

Dicky could take on Julie Andrews with the speed at which he sang his parody to Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

While his mastery for the changed song spread into Hotel California, Baby Hit Me One More Time and even Black and Gold.

His final song of the night though proved that he can write a song too with his Dippy Rap.

Not one member of the packed house could stifle a laugh that night and this reporter can’t wait for the next one.

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