REVIEW: Juliette Burton

By Rachael Grealish

Juliette Burton during her Docu-comedy show

Juliette Burton during her Docu-comedy show

Witty, brilliant, complex and thought provoking – Juliette Burton on the outside may look like the picture of health, but her latest show Look at me delves into the thought Is who we are who we appear to be?

Juliette tackled the hot topic of body image, how looking ‘perfect’ is instilled into people from a young age and how looks can be deceiving – quite literally for Juliette as during her performance she showed the audience she took to the streets of London taking on different ‘bodies’, in a sexy outfit, fat suit, hijab, and elderly women’s clothes and Lady Gaga-style extreme makeup.

Juliette took to the stage of Florence Arts Centre, on Saturday April 2, as part of the Rosehill on the road series.

Her documentary style comedy combined humour with her real-life story of insecurity, eating disorder, mental health issues and self-esteem, or there lack of – using multimedia such as videos, slides, images and even a song to reinforce the message she was delivering.

Starting off the show, Juliette invited the audience to judge her and shout out words that came to mind when they saw her, at Florence these were: bubbly, pink, trim, enthusiastic and pretty.

During her show Juliette dove into the tragic elements of her youth: going from 5st and a month off dying to a year later being 20st.

Moments of the performance are not exactly what you would describe as a typically comedy – but there was points of hilarity with her audience banter and even sitting on one man’s knee.

Juliette shows how laughter and comedy can transform her dark experiences into life lessons.

Though her story is unique, her elements of relatability shone through, especially with her inner-voice ‘Tanya’ who was given an out voice for the audience to hear and compare to their own moments of self judging.

She gave a likable and gleefully enthusiastic approach to a tricky current subject affecting many young people in the western world.

Juliette said: “Mental health issues affect so many people and being here, with such an amazing receptive audience has been amazing.”

Juliette took on her insecurities with this thought-provoking performance, it was a fantastic relatable show from the onset.