Rural Wheels scheme starts

THE number 6 bus service from Gosforth to Egremont and beyond has been stopped as financially unviable.

Cumbria County Council have organised a transport provision from Gosforth Taxis under the Rural Wheels scheme.

To take advantage of this scheme then you’ll need to join the scheme by calling 0845 6023786.

The initial charge will be a minimum of £5 which will them be converted to a £5 credit on a rural wheel smart card that you will then be sent for use with the transport provider. Concessionary NoWcards cannot be used as this is not a registered bus service.

Service times, on Wednesdays and Saturdays ONLY, are Seascale 09.55, Gosforth 10.00, Ponsonby 10.03, Egremont 10.20 for the 10.26 or 10.31 bus to Whitehaven. Return Journeys leave Whitehaven at 12.21 or 12.47 arriving

Egremont for the return trip which leaves Egremont at 13.10. Single fare from Seascale is £2.25, Gosforth £1.75, Ponsonby £1.50.

You MUST book the day before by 12 noon on 0845 6023786.