Santon’s hall of delights

Tony Dunning pops in to the fair at Santon Village Hall

Plenty to see and buy at Santon Bridge Arts, Craft and Food Fair

Plenty to see and buy at Santon Bridge Arts, Craft and Food Fair

MY curiosity was piqued by the boss, who wanted to view the Santon Bridge Arts, Craft and Food Fair being held in the Village Hall on the first Saturday and Sunday of April as, despite having gone through the village on many occasions, I was not aware of there being such a place to hold a fair, or where it might be.

We went on the Saturday, mid afternoon, and she started by spending money before we even got into the hall – as four food stalls were outside, inside their own marquees. (It was her money, my hand stayed firmly in my pocket).

She got Buffalo Burgers, Wild Boar Burgers, Pork and Apple sausages, and Smoked Haddock, but passed over on the cheeses with spices in, as she is not hot on chillis.

We then tried to go inside, ignoring the railings and ramp, and headed for the wide flight of three steps that were to the original entrance to the building; but there was no handle to open the door with.

As we could not get in that way we went round the back, where a synthetic voice said: “Warning, you are entering a security area and are on camera.” I shouted back “Where’s the (beep) entrance then?” but got no reply.

As there was going to be no joy in the direction we were going we went back to the stalls, and saw beyond them the ramp and steps that everyone else had been using, climbed the step and worked the sneck on the door, to find ourselves in the cafe area. As we had eaten our late lunch we passed up on snacking and made our way past the tombola and into the main hall, which housed the craft stalls and two more food outlets – jams and cakes.

There was willow weaving, wood turning, wooden toys, leather crafts, jewellery, trinkets, soaps, wools and knitted goods, home-made packs of sweets, gift and other cards, sketch books, paintings, botanical prints, photographs, second-hand books, recycled furniture … and also crowds of people busy chatting!

We spent more than two hours there, and went back the next day for more – after extracting more money from the repository.