Singing their way to health and happiness

In good voice: Left to right are Kizzy Livermore, two of the people who attended the session, Hannah Reid and Bethany Johnston.

In good voice: Left to right are Kizzy Livermore, two of the people who attended the session, Hannah Reid and Bethany Johnston.

Alan Alexander reports on a new group of sessions helping people with dementia in a fun and exciting way.

Singing for the Brain is the Alzheimer Society’s registered name for a series of workshops helping people who live with dementia and their carers to stimulate different parts of their brain by doing exactly what it says on the tin.

Kizzy Livermore, dementia support worker with the Alzheimer’s Society launched a new round of sessions at Beckermet reading rooms at the start of November.

Kizzy said: “By using a range of familiar and unfamiliar music, beating out rhythms and combining physical movement we can stimulate different parts of the brain. Hannah Reid, our trained music leader, works with many people including Singing for the Brain in Carlisle and Workington, as well as schools in the area, and she also leads a community choir in Wigton.”

Each session starts with a welcome song and finishes with a goodbye song.

This is a great opportunity for people living with all types of dementia, as well as those people they live with, to spend some time away from their daily tasks and to indulge themselves in some light-hearted pleasure and stimulation.

These sessions are part of the Alzheimer’s Society support for rural communities and costs £2.50 a session, including refreshments.

Kizzy said: “We are hoping that word will get around through GP’s surgeries, social workers and the mental health teams, and as a result more people will be able to benefit from Singing for the Brain.”

Although I only intended to be at the launch of the session I decided to stay for the full hour and much to my surprise experienced the twist, some golden oldies and even a bit of Elvis.

Kizzy Livermore can be contacted on 01900 607280.