REVIEW: Sister Acts sings success at the Solway Hall

WHAT do you get when you put together one nightclub singer, a gangster – too handy with a gun- a convent of nuns led by the uptight Mother Superior, a loveable cop and a fantastic cast and score?

Sister Act the Musical, at the Solway Hall – that’s what.

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Filled with show tunes that’ll have you singing for days, Whitehaven and District Amateur Operatic Society’s (WADOS) performance of Sister Act has hit Whitehaven and blew the roof with all expectations.

This was an inevitability with Megan McTiffin taking on the iconic role of Deloris Van Cartier, blasting out a soulful voice for each jazzy number and giving Whoopi Goldberg a run for her money with her energy and bounce.

Sister Act, which runs at the Solway Hall, in Whitehaven, from Tuesday, February 27, until Saturday, March 3, is packed with great dance routines and moreish musical numbers – inspired by Motown, soul and disco.

When disco diva Deloris Van Cartier witnesses her mobster beau commit a murder, she is put in protective custody in one place the cops are sure she won’t be found: a convent.

Disguised as a nun, Deloris finds herself a fish out of water with the ridgid nun lifestyle and at odds with the prickly Mother Superior.

McTiffin’s performance as the leading lady took the centre stage with a huge presence the character needs to be – she would not have fell out of place with any professional touring company.

The cast was solid throughout; Anne Simpson took on the frosty Mother Superior – but made you love her and laugh at every whitty line.

Stuart Evans left his mark with his performance as Eddie the Cop – or ‘sweaty Eddie’ as he’s not-so-fondly nicknamed – he gave all the emotion and enthusiasm needed to make you really want to give his character a sympathetic cuddle.

Standing out were Dave Flitcroft and Tracy McOuat.

Flitcroft portrayed the gangster Curtis so well he would have easily fit in alongside Robert De Niro, in Goodfellas – impressively keeping up his rough Philly accent throughout.

McOuat not only took on the role of the innocent Sister Mary Roberts, but she also had the task of choreographing each impressive number in the show.

The scene’s changed smoothly and the set design eye-catching, but not distracting.

An 11-piece live orchestra gave the whole show a really professional feel – Sister Act, from start to finish, was a victory for WADOS; one to rejoice over.

WADOS Sister Act the musical runs at The Solway Hall, in Whitehaven, from Tuesday, February 27, to Saturday, March 3, at 7pm.

If you have a ticket; raise your voice and sing hallelujah – if you haven’t, don’t worry it’s not too late as tickets are available from the venue box office or online HERE.

Review by Rachael Grealish