Taking a walk on the wild side

The Monarch  Sarah TaylorCUMBRIAN artist Sarah Taylor returns to Lowes Court Gallery in Main Street, Egremont this month with an exhibition of her wildlife portraits. Sarah’s unusual style is a blend of colourful splashes, blown with a drinking straw, and geometric patterns to accentuate the highlights and shadow.

She said: “I am fascinated by the relationship between people and animals, the subconscious desire to anthropomorphise, to project our human character and emotions onto the animal kingdom. The idea that a wild animal is sniggering at us, with a sense of humour, or displaying an air of superiority and an attitude is ridiculous, yet we’d all love it if that’s what they really did.”

Her current body of work focuses on British wildlife, hunting out those characters we seem to connect with, who Percy  20display human-like expressions and trick us into thinking we understand their every thought. Those aristocratic animals who don’t take any nonsense: foxes, squirrels hares and deer.

There will be a mix of original paintings and prints on display at her exhibition in Lowes Court Gallery. Visit Sarah’s website www.sarahtaylorart.co.uk to watch clever time-lapse videos of her painting process. 60 hours of painting reduced to 60 seconds.