Tetiana warms to the delights of West Cumbria’s landscape

THE current exhibitor at Lowes Court Gallery, Egremont is Tetiana Scott with an exhibition entitled Lakes & Fells.

One of Tetiana's paintings

One of Tetiana’s paintings

She told Egremont2Day something about her unusual background: “I was born in the Ukraine but spent most of my youth in the Soviet Union. It was a complicated time in my life. I started to study art in a special College of Art but I was unable to complete it because of the unpredictable circumstances at that time in Russia so I decided to continue my education on a course for designers.

“After this I started working as an artist for the local communist party organisation. My work involved the creation of large public works of art on boards for decorating buildings and bill boards. These works were not aesthetic pieces for pleasant decoration but used for propaganda and the dissemination of the communist ideals. It was a demand of the Russian Government. Under the Soviet regime all kinds of art was used only for propagation of communistic ideas. It is quite a complicated thing for people to understand especially for those who had not lived through those times in that country. I would have liked to have remained an artist but, in the end, I left this job, to find work elsewhere, because it was so unpleasant for me to be involved in the government propaganda machine.”

A few years ago she met a man from Cumbria. In time they married and she left her old home in Odessa to make new life in West Cumbria.

Tetiana and some of her art work.

Tetiana and some of her art work.

She says: “This is a beautiful little corner of the world. From the first time I set eyes upon it, I was completely fascinated with the wonderful landscapes of West Cumbria and started to paint them because I still have the artist in me and love to paint.

“The freedom to portray my own ideas and feelings on canvas and share it with others is a wonderful thing and it makes me happy to do this. I hope you enjoy my version of this beautiful local scenery.”

Lowes Court is open Tuesdays to Fridays from 10am to 2pm, and Saturdays from 10am to 2pm. It is at 12 Main Street, Egremont.