The Go Herdwicks have arrived!

Words By Rachael Grealish. Photos by Robert Haile

Florence the Zerdy by Jenni Payne

AS part of their 40th anniversary celebrations the Calvert Trust launched their new Go Herdwick trail on March 25.

The trail features three ewes who took up residence at Florence Arts Centre while being prepared for their debut on the trail.

Artists Jenni Payne, Karen McDougall and Sarah Taylor had the honour of designing and painting three of the Herdwick ewes.

Jenni was responsible for ‘Florence the Zerdy’ (above left) who was painted using Egremont Red pigment.

Jenni said: “It’s been super to be part of the Go Herdwick Public Art Trail and I’ve really enjoyed painting Florence the Zerdy.

“ I hope it [the trail] will lift all spirits after the difficult time many people have had with the floods this winter.”

Sarah Taylor's colourful creation

Sarah Taylor’s colourful creation

Zerdy, along with the other three ewes, was sponsored by the Derwent Cumberland pencils.

The Calvert Trust said the Herdwick are ‘the most important sheep in the world’.

Herdwick are Cumbria’s native sheep and are ideally suited to life on the inhospitable high fells and mountains, grazing at up to 900m (3,000ft).

The three Egremont ewes will be placed in the Keswick part of the trail and will be seen grazing away outside the Derwent Cumberland Pencils pop-up shop.

The designs of the ewes were approved by the Herdwick Sheep Breeders’ Association – they made suggestions and tweaks to the shape of the ewes to ensure the life size statues captured the Herdwick’s unique qualities.

In Autumn the herd will be sent to a gala auction to raise funds for the Calvert Trust charity.

Jenni said: “The Calvert Trust do some amazing work and really deserve to raise lots of cash to help them transform lives.”

Ruskin inspired Flowery Ewe by Karen McDougall

Ruskin inspired Flowery Ewe by Karen McDougall