The Hogwarts Express arrived at West Lakes for a day of magic spells

Ailsa Cowen reports on the magical Harry Potter day at West Lakes

Expelliarmus: West Lakes Academy staff enchanted the students with a magical Harry Potter themed day.

Expelliarmus: West Lakes Academy staff enchanted the students with a magical Harry Potter themed day.

OVER 200 year-seven pupils got their acceptance letters, as West Lakes Academy was transformed into the magical Hogwarts on February 4.

They took part in wizarding themed lessons from Owl Studies in English, Herbology in the Learning Support Garden and Quidditch inspired Dodditch in P.E.

The day before, the pupils received letters as to which house they had been sorted into from the novel: Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and Slytherin.

Though there was no sorting hat, staff and sixth form prefects dressed in cloaks and carried wands around for the day to add to the enchanted feel.

If the children impressed any of the teachers and prefects during the day, they were awarded house points.

Each department transformed their lessons for the day.

In English, the children were fortunate enough to see a live owl show as part of their Owl Studies.

They had to then write a descriptive piece of writing about the magnificent birds.

In P.E the four houses contended against each other in the Dodditch games.

To score a point for their house they had to throw a ball through the hoop on the other side of the pitch. Although, to win the game, they had to catch the golden snitch, which was year 12 student Tiffany Penfold, who had to speed away from the grabbing hands of the year-sevens.

After the school day had ended, parents were invited to attend an event in the library.

The event was designed to help the students and parents engage with the benefits of reading.

The library was decorated brilliantly, with twinkly lights and broomsticks hanging mystically from the ceiling.
Miss MacLeod, English teacher at West Lakes Academy, said: “The atmosphere in the academy was absolutely amazing and the feedback from pupils and parents has been brilliant. The costumes, lesson activities and general enthusiasm from everyone in the academy has genuinely blown me away and made today one of the best days of my teaching career.”

The year-seven pupils had nothing but praise to give to the exciting day.

Their comments ranged from: ‘The owls were really cool’ and ‘The lessons have been really fun today.’ to enjoying seeing their teachers dressed up, one said and finally: “It’s been the best day at school, ever.”