The Mighty Boof are back at the Stadium for 2016

by Rachael Grealish

The Mighty Boof Promotions have announced today (Tuesday November 17) that they will return with the Mighty Boof at the Stadium two-day festival on May 13 and 14, 2016.


The music and event team, that started in 2007, took a year off after their three-day music event in 2014 and have announced that they’re going forward with a ‘pretty special’ music festival in 2016.

Earlier in the month members of the Boof team invited members of social media to have their say whether they think the event should go ahead and it has been announced that it will.

The Mighty Boof Promotions team said: “Well folks, after a long hard think about doing this festival again we have decided to run in 2016. We are reverting back to a two day event which will take place on the 13th and 14th May 2016.”

They also announce that, as in previous years they will be selling early bird tickets which will have added extras and have promised next year will be a special event.

They said: “We will be selling 100 early bird tickets priced at previous years prices, £35. Sometime over the next couple of weeks we will be launching these tickets and we will be coming clean about all the added extras you will get with the first 100 tickets. Which next year, is going to be pretty special – so look out for them going on sale and don’t miss out!”

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More details will be updated when they’re announced.