Time warp to Muncaster Castle for a night of cult classics

OVER the course of one weekend Muncaster Castle is set to play host to the Annual Transylvanian Convention and the Goblin King.Muncaster Castle (2)

Eden Arts Picnic cinema is heading back to West Cumbria for two nights of classic cult films.

This year on the box office is the goblin gathering: Labyrinth, on Friday August 5, and glam classic: The Rocky Horror Picture Show on Saturday August 6.

Labyrinth follows the story of Sarah, a teenage girl who secretly wishes that her baby brother would disappear – her wish comes true when goblins kidnap him, feeling guilty, she sets forth to retrieve him, and finds herself on the adventure of a lifetime – all the while navigating the Goblin King Jareth’s eponymous labyrinth.

The second film , The Rocky Horror Picture show, follows the story of naive newly engaged couple Brad and Janet as they find themselves at the castle of mad scientist Dr. Frank-N-Furter, playing host to the Annual Transylvanian Convention.

Attendees are encouraged to let their hair down – or up in the case of the 70’s and 80’s styles – and dress up for a weekend of fun, fashion, films and camping.

Byrone Cartlidge from Eden Arts, said: “It’s all for a good cause too. All profits from Picnic Cinema support Eden Arts’ rural touring cinema programme, remote cinema.

“Working alongside rural cinema specialists Cine North, the remote project is all about helping bring communities together for special film screenings in locations which don’t usually have access to the big screen experience.”

Picnickers can go to view one film, or stay the whole weekend and go to both.

The tickets also allow access to Muncaster Castle grounds during the day.

Tickets are available from: picniccinema.co.uk.

They’re running low, so get yours quick!