Why Donald Trump should be President

Ken Powellby Ken Powell

AT the time of writing, Donald Trump is on the back foot and trying to re-boot his campaign.

There have been rumours of him resigning and his team wanting to replace him.

Bizarrely, considering the stupid and outrageous things he has said for the whole of his odds-defying campaign, the latest row over his criticisms of the Muslim parents of a dead soldier seems pretty mild yet has probably caused him the most damage so far.

I hope he makes it and, quite honestly, that he becomes the next president. Yeah, I know – that’s a bit of an eye-opener isn’t it?

The reason is this: what the people want, the people should get – even if it’s really dumb and not really what the people want at all. After all, this is what democracy is all about, isn’t it? We’ve seen that the majority of Republican

Party members wanted Trump as their candidate.

Now there’s a huge number of Americans in general (at least 40% currently, according to polls) who say they’ll vote for him. I hope they have the opportunity to do so and, if enough are swayed by what he stands for, that he becomes the next US President.

But there’s a flipside to that too. If he does win then I hope those voters take responsibility.

Personal responsibility; I believe we all need to learn afresh. People seem bent on making ‘someone else’ accountable.

So, those who voted for Brexit need to take responsibility for the economic disaster we’re in now. Of course, in years to come, if it turns out we weather the crisis and come out much better off, then they can take the credit for it too – fair’s fair. Just don’t wash your hands of it now and say ‘not my problem’ as many of the politicians behind the Brexit campaign seem to have done.

The Labour Party is a train wreck currently and I see no way of changing that in the near future. But whatever happens, the future needs to be owned by those who set it in motion.

Of course, all this isn’t likely to lead Britain into World War III, which many see as the outcome to Trump coming to power; hopefully the US system will safeguard us all from the worst of that. If it turns out America does bring him to power, I suggest we help him build ‘that wall’ and extend it all the way around the USA, wish them all well and leave them to it.