Fib-teller’s trip to the moon reclaims crown as World’s Biggest Liar

By Rachael Grealish

A STORY of one fib-teller’s journey to the moon reclaims him the title of World’s Biggest Liar.

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Mike Naylor, 61 from Wasdale, took the title for the fifth time, beating eight other contestants at The Bridge Inn in Santon Bridge on Thursday, November 16.

Mike, aka Monkey Liar, entertained the judges and a sold-out event with another sequel to his 2015 winning ‘royal blood’ tale, this year he blasted off to the moon in his uncle’s, fell-runner Joss Naylor, rocket.

On the moon Mike met up with, The Queen, Priminister Theresa ‘May-not’ and Jeremy ‘Cor-blimey’.

He said: “It felt really good to win, pretty good, because I wasn’t sure I’d be good enough – I had myself finishing ninth.”

Mike’s been practising for months for the competition and will be prepping for 2018 in no time.

He said: “Give it a couple of weeks and I’ll be getting started on next years – it’s a bit of fun and a great tradition.”

This year veteran seven-time winner Johnny Liar returned to the stage to compete after a few years off.

Mike Naylor said: “It was so brilliant to see John back and when I saw him I was a little bit worried.”

In second place was Edwin Crayston, 80, from Skinburness, and in third position was Liverpudlian Chrys Ritson, 60.

A common theme of the night was weaving tales around US President Donald Trump and his turbulent relationship North Korea and its leader Kim Jong-Un.

World’s Biggest Liar is held in memory of Will Ritson (1808-1890), a local pub landlord well known for his “tall tales”.

One of Ritson’s most famous fibs was that turnips grew so large in the Lake District that people carved them out to make cow sheds.

Politicians and lawyers are not allowed to enter the competition, because “they are judged to be too skilled at telling porkies”.

Each year the competition is sponsored by Jennings Brewery, in connection with Copeland Borough Council.

This year the event welcomed the charity Hospice at Home West Cumbria, who through a raffle raised £144.

Mike Naylor donated his competition winnings to the charity and sent his winner’s trophy around the room to collect further donations.